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Otoplasty Surgery in India


Otoplasty refers to a group of plastic surgery procedures done to correct deformities of or disfiguring injuries to the external ear. Otoplasty is also known as ear reshaping or ear pinning. It is the only type of plastic surgery that is performed more often in children than adults.

Otoplasty Surgery can change your ears to a more natural pleasing shape. There is nothing wrong with large ears, protruding ears, etc. However, if your ears bother you and distract you, otoplasty may be an option for you. Otoplasty procedures can ameliorate both the pain of taunting as well as the self-consciousness of protruding ears.

What is Otoplasty Surgery?

Otoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure to correct protruding ears. Otoplasty is usually performed to set ears closer to the head or to reduce the size of big ears. The majority of patients that have this straightforward treatment are children in need of ear reshaping or attention to protruding ears.

Otoplasty is a relatively simple procedure that can bring immense relief to people who are conscious of their ear size. There are a variety of other problems that can also be helped with surgery :

Who is the Best Candidate for Otoplasty Surgery?

Surprisingly, ear surgery is best performed on children as the cartilage in their ears is more soft and pliable meaning that it is easier to be reshaped.The procedure is often performed on children between the ages of five and fourteen. Otoplasty also often performed on adults. Good candidates for otoplasty include individuals who are :

Who is not a Suitable Candidate for Otoplasty Surgery?

Your surgeon will have a set of criteria to assess your suitability for otoplasty surgery. Even though complications in otoplasty surgery are rare they do happen. If you have any health problem then this may increase the risk of something going wrong. If you are suffering from the following health problems you may not be a suitable candidate for otoplasty surgery :

At what Age can Otoplasty be Performed?

Otoplasty can be performed as early as age four and is often performed on children between the age of five and fourteen. This surgery is often recommended in younger patients as the cartilage is more pliable and the surgery can help spare children the teasing that may accompany large or protruding ears.

What are the various Otoplasty Techniques available?

Like other plastic or cosmetic surgery, otoplasty also utilizes several techniques in getting ear surgery done. To decide which is best procedure for you or your child, you will need to talk to your doctor, who will refer you to a surgeon who specialises in Otoplasty. The methods use in otoplasty surgery can be split into two major groups. These are :

Where is the Otoplasty Surgery Performed?

Otoplasty can be performed in your doctor's office or in a hospital. Adults and children can go home the evening after the surgery, although you may prefer to stay overnight in the hospital with a child until all the effects of general anesthesia wear off. Often adults may return to work in roughly 5 days while children may return to school in roughly 7 days

What are the Preparations for Otoplasty Surgery?

Weeks of preparation for otoplasty are often required to achieve the best results. Your plastic surgeon will fully explain the steps you should take to prepare for your otoplasty. The surgeon will thoroughly examine the patient’s ears and discuss various ways of correcting the problem. It is important that you follow their advice so that the results of the surgery are according to your wish. Your surgeon might ask you to :

What is the Procedure for Otoplasty Surgery?

The goal of an otoplasty procedure is to set back the shape of the ear in such a way that its contours appear natural and soft. For otoplasty, incisions are made behind the ears. In performing otoplasty, the surgeon creates a small cut at the back of the ear exposing the cartilage. The excess skin will then be removed and the cartilage is reshaped. Non-removable stitches may be used to help maintain the new shape.

Occasionally, the surgeon will remove a larger piece of cartilage to provide a more natural-looking fold when the surgery is complete. Because the incisions for otoplasty are well-hidden behind the ears, the resulting scars are well concealed. Patients may experience some aching or throbbing of the ears for the first few days after otoplasty, though pain medication can be prescribed to control any discomfort that you experience.

Otoplasty is usually performed under local anaesthetic for adults and general anaesthetic for children. Otoplasty surgery usually takes about two to three hours, although complicated procedures may take longer. The operative technique will vary depending on your physical features and your surgeons methods.

What are the Results of Otoplasty Surgery in India?

The most important part of receiving otoplasty is the final result of the surgery.The results of otoplasty are permanent. Results from the otoplasty procedure will be seen immediately. Once the bandage comes of you will be able to see that your ears no longer protrude. Those who used to feel insecure or embarrassed because of their ears tend to feel very satisfied with the changes obtained with this surgery.

What are the Benefits of Otoplasty Surgery in India?

Otoplasty can dramatically change a person's appearance simply by making protruding ears look more proportional to the head and face. Ear surgery can benefit people of all ages, but it can be especially beneficial for children with protruding ears. Folowing are some of the benefits of otoplasty surgery in India :

What are the Risks of Otoplasty Surgery?

When a qualified, skilled plastic surgery specialist does otoplasty, complications are rare and usually minor. However, as with any surgery, complications may occur and othoplasty surgery is no exception. Following are some of the risks associated with otoplasty surgery :

How is the Recovery after Otoplasty Surgery?

Recovery from Otoplasty surgery is generally considered to be a fairly easy process. You will be required to wear a head band-style dressing around the ears for the first two weeks to help your ears to heal into their new position. Most normal activities can be resumed within a few weeks, but you will need to be very careful to protect your ears for at least six weeks, or possibly even longer. Patients should follow the surgeon's instructions about washing their hair, and avoid holding hot-air blow dryers too close to the ear.

To lessen the possibility of the risks and side effects, it is important to follow post operative care instructions from the surgeon regarding how to treat the wound and what to do in case of an emergency. There is typically little discomfort and not too much downtime associated with otoplasty.

Otoplasty Surgery Hospitals in India?