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Burn Contractures Surgery India

Burn is an injury that is caused by heat and it results in death of a tissue. The nerve endings may be damaged due to Burns, which may result in immense pain and discomfort.

What causes Burns?

Causes of Burns can be:

What are the types of Burns?

Burns can be:

What are Burn Scars / Deformities / Contractures?

Burns heal by growing and replacing the damaged layer of skin. The tissues in the wound start to dehydrate and contract forming Contractures. A Contracture may cause limitation of movement if present on a joint or it may lead to unsightly appearance of the affected part due to pull on the surrounding healthy tissues. The burnt tissue usually undergoes a period of maturation for the next 12 to 24 months. Burns may result in the following deformities:

What are the common sites for Burn Scars / Deformities / Contractures?

The most common sites for Burns to occur are face, hands, head, neck, chest, ears, perineum and feet require prompt attention.

How are Burn Scars / Deformities / Contractures treated?

Depending on the type of scar, different surgical procedures are employed for Burn Scars / Deformities / Contractures. These surgical procedures are called Scar Revision and is usually performed under local or general anesthesia. Some of the Scar Revision procedures that are used popularly include:

How can you prevent Burn Scars / Deformities / Contractures?

Physical and Occupational Therapy is a very important part of rehabilitation for people suffering from Burn Scars / Deformities / Contractures as it may limit your activities to a great deal. Rehabilitation process following Burn injury is a very long one and the goal of this process is to maintain the best possible range of motion. Some of the methods of Physical and Occupational Therapy include:

Benefits of Treatment for Burn Scars / Deformities / Contractures

Treatment of Burn Scars / Deformities / Contractures is performed not only for esthetic reasons, it is also performed for reconstructive and functional reasons. Keloids and Contractures are not just unattractive and ugly to look at, they can be extremely limiting if they are are on your hand, around your mouth or on a joint surface. Treatment of Burn Scars / Deformities / Contractures by Scar Revision does not just make them less obvious, it can also improve the function of the affected part.

Risks of Treatment for Burn Scars / Deformities / Contractures

Alternatives to Treatment for Burn Scars / Deformities / Contractures

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