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Anna’s Journey from Spain to India for her GYNECOLOGY MYELOMA

Country: Spain
Condition: Abdominal Pain
Treatment: Fibroid Treatment
Doctor:Dr. Laxmi Shrikhande

“Anna Eriscon had an 8cm fibroid and was told by gynecologists that the surgery might remove her fibroid along with her ovaries, Anna didn’t want to lose the possibility of having children and when Dr. Laxmi stated that she can remove could do it without removing the ovary, the couple couldn’t say ‘NO”

Hello, I’m Anna Eriscon from Spain and I came to India for gynecology surgery. The medical facilities in India are very different from Spain, as the gynecology surgery in India I opted for was quite conventional, but it did wonders. I’m glad that I came to India.

When we received my medical reports after I was testified for a constant abdominal pain, it was a moment of shock for both of us as the diagnosis said ‘gynecology myeloma’. But we knew that we have to stay strong to get through this. We were looking for an affordable gynecology treatment but western countries weren’t an option as they cost a fortune to get a procedure done. I have contacted some known hospitals in England and I found out that the surgeon was Indian, after further investigation we came to know about Dr. Laxmi and after reading her patient’s reviews, the patient look happy and healthy and I thought I should also give it a try. I was convinced to get the surgery in India.

Before the surgery I had a fibroid of around 8cm in size, the fibroid was intensifying and it was pushing the ovaries which lead to necrosis of the ovaries. So the first equation in front of gynecologists was to turn around the ovaries and to take the fibroma without taking out the whole ovaries. The other specialists I have communicated with told me that they can’t remove the fibroma without removing the ovaries and because I didn’t wanted to lose the possibility to have children; I couldn’t take their medical help. Dr. Laxmi showed confidence and told me that she could do it without losing my ovaries and I think that was the final nudge to my decision to travel India for the surgery.

When we reach India through Tour2India4Health, it was relatively very different from the ambience in our country but it was a lot of fun and I’ll be cherishing these memories forever. The consultant was very supportive and has helped us in every step of the way to make it easier for the patient and the family. Most of our requirements were fulfilled and we are grateful for our experience of best treatment at very affordable rates as compared to what was offered to us in developed countries.

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