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Eye Specialists Saved Patient’s Vision performing Glaucoma Surgery

Country: Sierra Leone
Condition: Defect Left Eye
Treatment: Glaucoma Eye Surgery

Hello, “I’m Mrs. Margaret Sandi, Sierra Leone. I came with my husband as his medical attendant in India. We knew that he has defect in his left eye since five years now but he noticed that it’s his right eye that he was troubled with recently. We went to our nearby ophthalmologist thinking that he might need new pair of glasses and a general eye checkup, but the eye specialist has diagnosed him with an eye disease that can’t be fixed with glasses. Honestly, we were very scared of the diagnosis and we asked him if there is any treatment that we can opt for?”

“The local specialist advised him to get a glaucoma surgery as my husband was slowly going bind from glaucoma. He explained that by the time the eye specialist could examine him he has already lost 60% of his vision. He even advised to get it done as soon as possible before the disease could do further damage. I remember searching for different eye care hospitals and clinics in my country with affordable and advance glaucoma treatment but the surgery costs were either too expensive or not available, so we expanded our options overseas. After a rigorous research and talking with different consultants, we shortlisted some and out of these options, Tour2India4Health seemed very promising and they even offered us full visa assistance, hotel and doctor’s appointment arrangements, airport pickup and drop facilities etc. We were quite amazed with their surgery charges and impressed with the warmth and affection they approached us. It’s very comforting to know that your healthcare provider is genuinely interested and care for your comfort.”

“After the all the arrangements were done and documents were verified we were ready for our trip. We met the specialist and she asked Moriba Kamara my husband to take certain tests such as kidney function test, liver function test and some CT scans and then we were asked to come next day for the further procedure. Next day the ophthalmologist told us that nothing can be done for my husband’s left eye as its total non-functional but the right eye can be treated, though the eye is 60% diseased she could help him by performing glaucoma surgery. She told us that only in rare cases, a person who has glaucoma usually feels fine and experiences no pain and hence miss the diagnosis as the disease progresses slowly and Patients frequently come in unaware that they have a blinding disease. We decided to get the surgery the day itself and the next thing I remember a nurse telling me about his surgery and that it was a success. After a while the surgery results were briefed by the doctor herself and she said that she couldn’t save his peripheral vision as it was already damaged beyond repair (the site of progression of glaucoma) but rest of his vision is successfully restored and he is perfectly fine.”

“It took him some time to recover though; Tour2India4health as expected provided us the top notch services while our stay in India. We are glad that we decided to be assisted by Tour2India4health for our medical trip to India; I appreciate them for their hard work and efforts to make this surgery a success. They were consistent throughout our journey to India and way back home.”

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