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Mr. Elier Cardona, Kuwait
Vasectomy Reversal Surgery in India

Microsurgery Vasectomy Reversal in India - The most advanced microsurgical technique used for vasectomy reversal in Men.

Mr. Elier visited India for his Microsurgery vasectomy reversal. Mr. Elier had a vasectomy surgery and later he wanted vasectomy reversal then his doctor suggested him Microsurgery vasectomy reversal. He searched the internet and found out about Tour2india4health Group and contacted it through the contacts given on the website. He researched about the company and after he was satisfied he then decided to undergo Microsurgery vasectomy reversal in India. He is sharing his experience in his own words. 
I am Elier Cardona from Kuwait. When I came to India, I was in a dilemma. I was so nervous. But today, I live with happiness in my mind and gratitude in my heart for Tour2india4health Group and its assistants who helped me here in India for Microsurgery vasectomy reversal. The hospital staff looked into every detail. I think it is wonderful to have such a magnificent medical facility here in India. I was picked from Mumbai airport and straight driven to the three star hotel. My appointment was fixed for the next day. Next day I was in doctor’s cabin discussing about my surgery. The surgeon was very polite and responsive. He resolved all my queries regarding the surgery. The hospital where my surgery was performed was the best I can say. It was having all the modern amenities coupled with the experienced staff.

Microsurgery vasectomy reversal is a microsurgical procedure performed by a urologic surgeon to reverse sterility caused by a vasectomy. VR is performed by microsurgically reconnecting – in either single or multiple layers – the cut ends of the vas deferens, the small tubes that carry sperm from the man’s testicles. The fine sutures used are no thicker than a human hair. The rejoined vas can again become a passageway for semen to be ejaculated at orgasm. Surgical success is indicated if sperm is detected in the fluid inside the vas after initial incision. At times when a blockage (causing increased pressure in the epididymis) is suspected, the blockage must be bypassed in an alternate reversal procedure known as a “vasoepididymostomy.”

Complete bed rest was instructed for the first 24 hours following my Microsurgery Vasectomy Reversal in India. My doctor advised me to use an ice pack on the scrotal area for one to two days and keep all activities to a minimum for at least four to five days. I was advised to avoid heavy lifting or physical exertion for three to four weeks. The accommodation I stayed in was better than excellent, I was placed in a private room where I had internet access, T.V and DVD and own Refrigerator stocked with fresh fruits, bottled water and fruit juices, I also had tea and coffee making facilities and a private shower room. The hygiene level in the room was excellent with the room being cleaned every day and clean sheets and towels daily. I found everyone from doctors and nurses to cleaning staff always helpful and smiling and nothing had been a bother. Right from the start my procedure had been fully explained in detail and the doctor who operated gave excellent advice and explained everything before I could even ask. After my Microsurgery vasectomy reversal in India everything was fine. The aftercare has been outstanding with medication readily available when needed. The total experience that I had from Tour2india4health Group has been outstanding and I would have no hesitation in advising anyone else to do it. I am so pleased with the end result of my Microsurgery Vasectomy Reversal in India.  
Thank You!

Elier Cardona

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