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All the Way from Nigeria to India for Artificial Limbs

Uchenna from Nigeria travelled all the way from Nigeria to India for prosthesis surgery for implanting artificial limbs. The patient was experiencing a low quality life with inability to perform even the basic activities of the daily routine. He was living a life full of pain, discomfort, and dependability with no options in hand. This is because he was born with limbs deformity and both his hands were absent since childhood. Just think of one day with the feeling of not having your hands and you will get eroded with the thought and this man was experiencing the pain, the distress since childhood.

Times, days, weeks, months, and years rolled out and life just kept going on like a burden in this world. Over a period, it was actually becoming difficult for him to deal with this incompatibility both physically and mentally. Then, decided to go for prosthesis and one of his closed relative seeing his aspirations, connected with few doctors and companies dealing into prosthesis surgery for artificial limbs. Then one fine day, he met an old friend who suggested connecting with Tour2india4health Consultants in India. His closed relative browsed for the same over the web and wrote an application to the organization. To his amaze, the response was quick and perfectly in line with the subject.

Consequently, the process was accelerated and each step was rolling in sync. The personal consultant at Tour2india4health helped him get the top most doctors for prosthesis surgery in India and gave their respective feedbacks for the patient. The consultant further advised to get the patient to India with originals of all the supporting documents. Further all the arrangements were made for the patient for his visit to India along with one of his relative. On arrival to India, they were taken to the hotel for rest and further an appointment with the topmost prosthesis surgeon of India was scheduled the next day.

When they met the doctor, they felt the vibes of assurance and positivity. The gestures exchanged were full of warmth and compassion. There was a sense of relief and a sense of satisfaction. The patient was advised to have certain physical examinations before the surgery to assure that he is fit for the prosthesis and can handle the artificial fitting in his body. After all the examination, a date for surgery was fixed after three days. All the three days Uchenna was constantly motivated by the team present there while pushing for staying relaxed and refreshed.

On the day of the surgery, everything went on flawlessly with precision and perfection under the hands of the best prosthesis surgeon in India. Team Tour2india4health played an integral role all through the process with generosity. The patient was then shifted to the ward and was there in the hospital for about 12 days. Later, with essential instructions and guidelines concerning postoperative care, he was discharged from the hospital with gifted hands, a blessing from Tour2india4health.

With all sweet memories and a fantastic experience, Uchenna had a wonderful experience in India. Now he is living a quality life while enjoying every aspect of his daily routine, otherwise deprived of. We at Tour2india4health wish him a great and healthy life ahead.

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