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Mega Liposuction in India


Patients who have a considerable amount of weight to lose could obtain a Mega Liposuction treatment in India with Tour2India4Health. You should carefully consider the Mega Liposuction and the patient must show a willingness to maintain a healthy lifestyle after undergoing this procedure.

What is Mega Liposuction?

Mega Liposuction can be used as an aid to reduce weight wherein over 10 litres of fat can be removed in a few sessions. It is advised that the patients combine this procedure with a healthy diet and exercise program to achieve better outcomes. The main difference between Mega Liposuction and liposuction is in the quantity of fat removed in a single sitting. Although there is no universally accepted cutoff above which to call the procedure Mega, but the volumes of over six to eight litres are considered as large volumes.

Who Are Ideal Candidates For A Mega Liposuction?

You are an ideal candidate for Mega Liposuction if are seeking a significant amount of difference in body shape and willing to maintain a balanced diet to keep these results. Mega Liposuction in India can be used for patients weighing approximately 120 kilograms or more. This procedure can also be performed before you have the lap band surgery done.

Best Cosmetic Clinics and Hospitals in India

The best cosmetic clinics and hospitals in India have a cutting edge technology and the top plastic surgeons in India offering high quality procedures in a caring environment with shorter road to recovery. Our clinics and hospitals are located at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Nagpur, Noida, Hyderabad, and Kerala.

What to Expect During Mega Liposuction?

During a Mega Liposuction, the surgeons will choose to target certain problem areas in the body from where the fat cells are physically removed. This procedure is executed with a tumescent fluid for local sedation. Hence this procedure can be executed under a local anesthesia. However, the tumescent fluid not only makes the area numb but also makes the fat cells softer and even. Hence using this fluid, the surgeon can easily remove the fat during the procedure. Once the area is sedated, the surgeon will insert a small suction tube through the incision. When the suction tube is in place, the surgeon will start removing the fat through the tube. The suction process is completely painless and the patients will not feel a thing during this procedure.

What to Expect After Mega Liposuction?

After Mega Liposuction you will be needed to wear a tight garment for a determined time. Though patients recover quite quickly, it is recommended to take sufficient rest after the procedure and not force their body too quickly. As with any other surgery, the most common problems include bruising, pain and swelling which will resolve rapidly. It is highly significant to disclose any condition that could slow down healing such as tobacco use or diabetes. It is encouraged to start moving around in the room for increased distance and time over next days. By the end of first week most household activities are generally possible. At around four to six weeks, exercise and other brisk or strenuous activities are allowed.

Mega Liposuction Benefits India

The benefits of Mega Liposuction in India include:

Why do Mega Liposuction in India?

India offers low price Mega Liposuction in India at supreme quality to the patients seeking these body contouring procedures. The patients who request for Mega Liposuction of the whole body from the top cosmetic surgeons in India achieves weight loss which helps them to get into shape. This procedure is performed by expert surgeons who are extensively trained to perform the high volume liposuction. Over the years, India has emerged as the most sought after destinations to provide high quality Mega Liposuction at affordable cost. Be it the expertise of the best plastic surgeons in India, the availability of state of the art hospitals with latest technology, India offers great value by providing affordable cost Mega Liposuction in India. This has been attracting millions of people from across the globe to travel to India for Mega Liposuction.

Tour2India4Health is a leading medical provider in India association with the best cosmetic clinics in India having significant mark to offer high standards of cosmetic surgery procedures. Our network of the surgeons at the Top hospitals for Mega Liposuction in India are the most experienced to perform the procedure.

What is the cost of Mega Liposuction in India?

The Mega Liposuction cost in India depends on the areas being treated and the time taken for surgery. Fill up the form to know more about the cost of Mega Liposuction in India.

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