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Mr. Soji Omotunde, Nigeria
International Patient Videos
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Mr. Soji Omotunde, Nigeria
Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Nigerian from Lagos got his Orthopedic Surgery in Delhi, India

“Hello. I am Mr. Soji Omotunde and I’m a Nigerian citizen from Lagos. I couldn’t think of living a life as it was, before my surgery in India, The possibility of living without posterior pain seems like a dream, when every now and then you go through it. After years of debilitating pain I have decided to get my hip replacement surgery. I was looking for medical treatment back home in Lagos, Nigeria but because of the unavailability of modern medical facilities in Lagos, Nigeria, I decided to do it abroad. As I have already tried so many other medications and treatment this was my best shot and I know I had to consider other options to get the surgery if it is not available in Nigeria. I came across Tour2India4Helath Consultants after hours of internet research and after reading so many testimonials from Lagos, Nigeria on their website; I immediately called them up and discussed my health condition in detail with the coordinators. The response from other side was very friendly and he was ready to listen to my side of the story, we exchanged information through a series of phone calls and emails later the process was so straightforward that everything falls in line eventually. Within a few weeks of duration all the preparation were done for my Hip Replacement Surgery in Delhi, India. Being a Nigerian citizen, from Lagos, I was apprehensive about getting my visa to India in such a short period of time, but thanks to Tour2India4Health Consultation they also assisted me with the visa procedure. Not only this, they also booked my flight tickets from, Lagos, Nigeria to India. All the other necessities including doctor’s appointment, hotel arrangements, airport pickup were already scheduled by the Tour2India4Health. Finally the surgery day has come and I was really nervous as I was aware of the risks of the procedure, but since everything was so well planned from the day1 I know this is my best chance to get rid of all the pain and misery. The surgery was a success and I am very happy with the services of Tour2India4Health, for the first time in years I feel free, free to live as an adult of my age and appreciate the medical tourism company for their effort to make this medical trip so trouble-free. The hospital where I got my orthopedic surgery in Delhi, India was mind blowing. It was state of the art. It was the kind of hospital that one would find in the Western countries. I would definitely recommend India to all my friends, back home in Lagos, Nigeria.

Thank you

Mr. Soji Omotunde
Lagos, Nigeria

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