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Mr. Ayodeji Saliu, Nigeria
International Patient Videos
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Hip Replacement Surgery

Indian orthopedic hospitals – Latest medical facilities under one roof

Indian orthopedic hospitals are state of the art and geared up with the latest technology. Here you will find all the latest medical facilities under one roof. Tour2India4Health Group has added the best Indian orthopedic hospitals to our network. Compassionate medical staff is the hallmark of Indian orthopedic hospitals. Recently, Mr. Saliu form Nigeria got his treatment at one of the Indian orthopedic hospitals. Read on to see what he has to say about his experience.


I am Mr. Saliu form Nigeria. I had heard a lot about Indian orthopedic hospitals from my friends. Last year my uncle had gone to India and got his joint replacement surgery at a state of the art Indian orthopedic hospital. He truly enjoyed his stay there. He had nothing but praise for Indian orthopedic hospitals. I contacted Tou2India4Helath group. My uncle also used their services, so I also contacted them. They were very quick to respond. Within 24 hours, after I sent them my query, I got a call from them. The executive was very friendly. He explained everything to me in detail. They updated me with a list of best Indian orthopedic hospitals. And also helped me in choosing the best hospital for my hip replacement surgery. Soon I was in India. Tour2India4Helath group also assisted me with the visa procedure, accommodation in India, picked me up from the airport and even booked my appointments for the next day. I was at ease and had nothing to worry about that gave me a lot of time to think and concentrate on my health. I am overwhelmed by the response I got from them. The surgeons and the hospital staff were very friendly and convivial. I would highly recommend Indian orthopedic hospitals to anyone who is seeking orthopedic surgery / treatment.

Thank you,

Mr. Saliu

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