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Kenyan Patient Knock Knee Surgery In India

Pediatric Knock Knee Surgery In India – Dr. Sanjay Sarup

Being able to walk straight and properly can be a very big and important gift from god. If you have that gift, you are lucky. But my daughter was not so lucky. We went through a lot because my daughter was suffering from his condition of knock knee. I am thankful for the Affordable Knock knee Surgery in India that eventually helped us rectify her problem. It was a life-changing moment, as the surgery allowed her to lead a better, more engaging, and happier life.

At this stage, you must be wondering who I am? The point is that it is not important who I am but who my daughter is and what challenges she had been facing before she had a Successful knock knee surgery in India for guided growth. I am Svetlana from Kenya and my daughter Sasha is now 11. She has always been a healthy and cheerful girl, but one thing always troubled her and me and my husband. When she was 5 we noticed that she had knees that bent inwards and there was a noticeable gap between her ankles. First, we thought it was normal but everyone was noticing it and telling us.

When everyone including her peers, began pointing it out, we took it seriously and took her to our family doctor. The doctor referred my daughter to a pediatric orthopedic. When this doctor checked my daughter, he made some measurements and told us that my son had knock knees. At the time I didn’t know what it meant. He asked me if it was there from early childhood. I confirmed that her knees were so from the early years. The doctor told me that many young children could have this condition, but it should usually go by this age. I was concerned at this time. He said that she had to conduct a few checkups and tests before determining the treatment course.

He asked us to visit her a few more times to find out what can be done to improve my daughter's legs. He told us that if knock knees are not treated, my daughter can have persistent knee and leg pain in the future or even develop arthritis. It could also cause her to walk with a limp. All this concerned us a lot and we asked him what treatment could be followed to correct my daughter’s legs. After a few visits and session with the orthopedic, prescribed my daughter to wear night braces to correct the condition. My daughter had to wear a brace that attached to a shoe. It pulled her knee up and created lots of pressure. She began complaining about the pressure and strain. But we made her wear it somehow. My daughter wore them for at least 6 months before the doctor noticed that there was no change or progress.

My daughter had now crossed 6 years and her legs looked awkward. We felt so bad for her. This was when the specialist asked us to consider surgery. We asked him why there was a need for a surgery for something that was not so serious. He gave us an insight into the future problems that my daughter may face. And he also told us that pediatric knock knee surgery is not a serious thing. If guided growth surgery was required, it would be much quicker and simpler. The orthopedic ran a few tests and after a few more visits he told us that my daughter’s knees could be improved with the simple guided growth surgery. He told us that osteotomy was a more complicated surgery and my daughter didn’t need it. This gave us some relief, but we were still concerned about the smaller surgery.

But there was one more surprise for us. The doctor told us that this type of knock knee surgery cost big in our country. In addition, the level of care provided was also not that great. This was now a bigger challenge for us. He also asked us to wait for a few years before my daughter could be old enough for surgery. This meant that she had to wait until she was 11. As a parent, this was a difficult thing to accept. We knew that our daughter had a problem and we wanted to treat her at the earliest. But our doctor was telling us to wait a few more years too. He asked us to collect the finances until then.

So my husband and I started planning things for my daughter’s future surgery. However, we were concerned about the safety and quality of care that will be provided. After more than a year passed, my family doctor came to know about the quality of the Knock Knee Surgery Success Rate in India. He called me one day and asked me to visit him. When we visited him, he told us about the affordable and quality surgery provided in India. My daughter was 8 by then and she had already started developing some pain in his legs. My family doctor asked me to do some online searches to find the right facilities in India. I did some online search and came across the names of many doctors. I was hesitant because I didn’t know how to arrange the whole trip to that country. Then I came across a company called Tour2India4Health, the medical service provider, who claimed that they can arrange everything for us and they can also help us find the top doctors in India for our surgery. This interested me and my husband and we called the company. The phone call was answered by a professional but pleasant-sounding lady. She listened to everything I had to say about my daughter and her condition over the years and what we are planning. Once we had explained our side of the story, I asked her a few questions. Some of the main questions that I remember include:

Pediatric Knock Knee Surgery In India – Dr. Sanjay Sarup

All the answers made us feel so much better. After this, she asked me to send soft copies of all the reports of my son. I did so and received a call the next day. Tour2India4Health associate told me that she had shared the reports with a number of top surgeons in India. All of them said that guided growth of Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery in India was the recommended option. She said, “Non-surgical treatment was not possible at this stage. The reports showed that it was attempted earlier but without any results. So surgery was the only way.” But she also calmed me by telling me that this surgery was not big. It would take just an hour or two to complete. My daughter could get out of bed after a day and return to normal activities within 2 weeks. This gave us some peace of mind.

We continued to have a phone conversation with the associate for the next few days. We cleared almost all of our doubts. Yet surgery was a big thing for us and we kept asking her often about various things. But she never lost her patience and kept answering our questions thoroughly. Eventually, she sent us the list of the Top 10 Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon in India. We found each doctor’s profile impressive and chose Dr. Sanjay Sarup Best Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon in India based on the number of guided growth surgeries he had done. Then after a few weeks, we confirmed that we would be traveling to India the next year. My associate told us “You will not have to worry about anything. We will make arrangements for all your travels including your daughter’s Indian Medical Visa and everything. Please let us know who will be accompanying your daughter.”

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My husband and I decided to travel together with my daughter. Eventually, the associate confirmed to us an Appointment with Dr. Sanjay Sarup in March of 2013. Finally, the time of my daughter’s surgery came. I had this good feeling that her legs will finally be corrected and she could lead a better life without getting noticed and told by the awkwardness by anyone. We arrived in India and there was a professionally dressed many who received us. We were driven to our hotel by him. Since it was a long flight, we needed at least a day to rest. So our appointment was set the next day. Our associate arranged our medical visa, local travels, and stay. Without the company, it would have been too difficult for us to make all these arrangements.

The next day we were driven by the same person to the doctor. When we met him, we felt so relieved that we made the right choice of surgeon. He was such a wise and calm person who listened patiently to us and answered all our queries with care. He told us to feel completely safe about our daughter. Guided growth surgery was a minimally invasive procedure. He realized that we didn’t know much about the procedure. So he explained it to us in a brief way. A minimal incision will be made and a guided growth plate will be inserted alongside the knee. It is not bigger than a paper clip. It will stay in its place for years to correct the future growth of the leg. Your child will be able to stand on her legs the very next day.

Once the consultation was over, he asked for a few tests to be run on my daughter. We returned to our hotel. The reports of the test were received in the evening. Our associate called us and told us that the surgery was scheduled for the next day. The next day we arrived early morning at the facility and the nurses took my daughter to the surgery room. We felt a little uncomfortable but they told us not to worry about anything. They would take care of my daughter and that we could see him within an hour. Dr. Sarup arrived and said the same to us.

Soon the surgery began and just like they said my daughter was out of the surgery room within an hour. The doctor told us that the procedure was a success. I and my husband had a long discussion about it with Dr. Sarup. Again, he explained to us what was done in the procedure.

Some of the questions we asked during this discussion included:

He answered all our questions in a calm and complete way:

All this made us feel so much better.

My daughter was shifted to a well-appointed room. she was soon out of the effect of the anesthesia. We told her that everything was fine and asked her how she felt. Surprisingly, she said that she was feeling good. Maybe it was the effect of the anesthesia.

The next morning, the doctor came for the dressing. He told my daughter that she will be able to get on her feet in the evening. After the anesthesia’s effect went away my daughter felt a little pain around his knees, but the medications gave her relief. In the evening the doctor came again and helped my daughter to get out of his bed. She could stand without any issues. The doctor told her that he will be back tomorrow and he will help her walk. We stayed at the facility for 2 more days. By the time we discharged, my daughter could walk a little without any issues. When she was discharged, we returned to our hotel room. The doctor asked us to have her walk for a few minutes every day. She was walking more every day and her leg strength increased fast.

We returned to the facility after 2 days and the doctor did a few checkups and tests. He told us that that we could return back to Kenya. He asked us to visit our Pediatric Orthopedic in Kenya regularly. He made a special note and asked us to give it to her. We also met our Tour2India4Health group. She was a charming person and just the kind we thought she was. She also discussed my daughter’s recovery and healing in detail with us. She told us that once we returned to Kenya, our local orthopedic will have to monitor the growth. Once my daughter’s leg deformity was corrected, we could have the plate removed in Kenya or from Dr. Sarup in India. She told us that the removal procedure was much simpler and is going to be affordable anywhere.

Finally, we returned to Kenya. Dr. Sarup was so courteous to us that he gave his personal contact. He asked us to get my daughter’s orthopedic to call him when we go to see him. Our experience in India was so pleasant. Everyone was so friendly and cared for my daughter. Once we returned to our country, we visited my daughter’s orthopedic doctor. He was surprised by the quality of the procedure. He kept in regular touch with Artemis Hospital Dr. Sarup during our appointments. Soon my daughter’s leg healed and she was participating in light sports at school. We were so happy to see her recover. After the first 3 months, our appointments with the doctor became less frequent. Every time we visited him he noticed significant changes and improvements in my daughter’s leg structure. This was such a good thing for us to hear.

It took 2 years for my daughter’s legs to start looking normal. Soon the doctor was talking about removing the plate. We felt so satisfied that finally, our daughter could walk normally. There was no longer any pain linked to the deformed knee shape. We were so happy for her. After a few more months, her orthopedic doctor told us that the plate could be removed. It was a minor surgery and was done by a surgeon recommended by the doctor. And all this while we were in regular contact with Dr. Sarup.

My daughter is 11 years old now and regularly participates in sports activities. I cannot thank everyone who guided and helped my daughter improve his condition. Today, her legs look completely normal. She does not have any difficulty or pain in walking. There is no kind of limp. She takes part in different types of sports. Our home is now decorated with all the trophies that she has won over the years. She is an aspiring young woman now who wishes to excel further in sports and make it a career. All this could not have been possible without the Tour2India4Health, the medical service provider Group, and Dr. Sanjay Sarup Best Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon in India, and everyone else who supported us all these years.

I cannot forget Dr. Sarup, who comes along the Top Surgeons for Knock Knee Surgery in India, who is also an extraordinary person. He has been in touch with us for so long. He took special attention in my daughter’s case to ensure that she recovered properly. And I would like to say special thanks to the Tour2India4Health Group. Without them, it would not have been possible for my daughter’s legs to grow normally. The Cost of Knock Knee Surgery in India has benefited us a lot.

If affordable surgery was not available, I think we may not have been able to correct my daughter’s legs. This would have meant that she would have difficulty in walking and even pain. As the doctor had warned, it could also have caused arthritis to my daughter in the future. Eventually, all that was prevented thanks to the Affordable pediatric knock knee surgery in India. We are thankful to everyone who helped us. I am so happy for my daughter. I can remember the time when we tried so many treatments without any results. I had become hopeless at one time. But all that was changed and overcome with the help of the Tour2India4Health, the medical service provider. I cannot find words on how to thank them. In addition, I do remember that it was our family doctor who recommended us to consider Corrective knee surgery in India.


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