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Ligament Surgery in India

Plan your Ligament Surgery in India with Tour2India4Health Consultants

India has an ancient history of giving rise to some of the biggest ground-breaking scientific innovations, world’s first surgery being performed by Sushruta in 600 B.C. The legacy has continued and we today are proud of our painstaking advancement in health care facilities. Surgeons and other medical practitioners in India stand #1 in their respective field. Our hospitals are well furnished with cutting-edge-technology providing end-to-end services matching international levels. Tour2India4Health is a medium to make these immaculate services accessible to patients from any corner of the world in ultra low cost with meticulous facility.

Top 10 hospitals in India: Receive proficient treatment by the best medical practitioners

  1. Meticulous surgeons: India has a number of top notching surgeons, highly experienced with maximum guarantee of 100% positive results.
  2. Successfulhistory : Surgery history is not new to India, and we have successfully performed over 1000s of surgeries in the modern times with modality of techniques.
  3. Budget friendly : The surgeries and overall medical stay in India is barely 25 % of what you may need to incur in western countries, endless benefits with no side effects.
  4. Mini vacation : India has a mystic quality of mesmerizing its visitors. You may wish for your fast treatment and recovery to get back on your feet for a vacation in the world’s #1 country with oldest cultural heritage and history.


Ligaments are fibrous dense regular connective tissues comprising of collagenous fibers. Ligament connects bone to other bones to form a joint. If ligaments are stretched, either by injury, excess strain on a joint, or by improper stretching techniques, the joint will become weaker, as the elongated ligaments are unable to properly support it. Because ligaments are so important in the stabilization of joints, they are also highly susceptible to injury.

Types of Ligaments

In anatomy, the term ligament is used to denote any of three types of structure. They are as follows.

Causes of Ligament Injury

Ligament injury is usually caused by twisting injuries. For example, an ankle may be twisted or rotated during rapid pivoting in sports such as soccer and basketball, or by stepping off a curb or step. Sometimes a moderate or severe sprain causes problems even after the ligament has healed. A small nodule can develop in the affected ligament and cause constant friction in the joint, leading to chronic inflammation. The nerve that travels over the ligament may also be damaged, resulting in pain and tingling. Occasionally, the shock of a severe sprain causes blood vessels to spasm, reducing blood flow to the area. This condition is called reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome.

Symptoms of Ligament Injury

The severity and symptoms of a ligament injury depends on the degree of stretching or tearing of the ligaments. In a grade 1 ligament injury, the ligaments may stretch, but they don’t actually tear. Although the joint may not hurt or swell very much, a mild sprain can increase the risk of a repeat injury. With a grade 2 ligament injury, the ligament tears partially. Swelling and bruising are common, and use of the joint is usually painful and difficult. With a severe grade 3 ligament injury, a ligament tears completely, causing swelling and sometimes bleeding under the skin. As a result, the joint is unstable and unable to bear weight.

Diagnosis of Ligament Surgery

Often the diagnosis can be made on the basis of the physical exam alone, but you may need tests to rule out other causes and to determine the severity of the injury.

Surgery for Ligament Injury

Because connective tissue such as ligaments must withstand a great deal of stress in day to day activities and have a relatively low blood supply, injuries can take a very long time to heal, and sometimes require surgery. Many professional athletes have had multiple surgeries to ligaments over the course of their careers. Severe injury to ligaments can often require physical therapy. Even with surgery and physical therapy, injured ligaments tend to be less flexible, and more prone to repeat injury, so patients should be careful when engaging in strenuous activities that can put excess pressure on the injured ligaments.

Types of Ligament Surgery

There are numerous surgical procedures that may be used for the repair and reconstruction of injured ligaments. The surgery depends on the type of ligament injury. Following are some of the most commonly performed surgeries.

Risks of Ligament Surgery

Some of the common risks associated with any ligament surgery include infection, viral transmission, bleeding, numbness, instability, and stiffness. This is completely normal and should last a few weeks, gradually improving as your knee heals.

Ligament Surgery in India

Indian hospitals have pool of surgeons who specializes in orthopedic surgery. These hospitals have got infrastructure for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Patients suffering from various problems related to orthopedics like Adult joint reconstruction and revision, Foot and ankle injuries, Sports injuries, Hand surgery, etc are treated with high-quality, cost-effective orthopedic care. Indian hospitals are similarly ranked to those in the U.S. according to the world health organization. The hospitals in India use the latest techniques which have revolutionized the success rate of all surgical procedures.

Cities in India offering Ligament Surgery at some of the best and top orthopedic surgery hospitals are as follows;

Cost of Ligament Surgery in India

People who travel to India for their medical and surgical needs can get almost immediate access to an endless list of quality, world-class affordable medical and surgical procedures at a highly attractive and low cost. Every hospital combines a unique multidisciplinary team approach with the world’s most advanced technologies and procedures to manage the full spectrum of surgical care that will limit pain, speed recovery and reduce hospital lengths, at the most reasonable price. Each patient's unique needs are considered from a holistic perspective and then a customized treatment plan is tailored to best meet the needs of each patient. This is done without an extra cost.

Some of the common countries from which patients travel to India for surgery are:

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