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Hip Surgery in India

hip surgery India low cost benefits

Hip surgery is one of the most common procedures performed by orthopedic surgeons. Hip Surgery is often useful in restoring mobility, as well as relieves pain. The hip surgery may be necessary to correct any type of physical defect that has developed, or to repair damage caused by an accident of some kind. There are several different types of hip surgery that are commonly used today, ranging from repairs to a full hip replacement surgery. In the US alone, more than five lakh different Hip surgery procedures are performed annually.

What is Hip Surgery?
His Surgery is a procedure which deals with hip fractures, disorders and diseases which commonly require surgery to fix the medical ailment. The type of surgery depends upon the location of the ailment or disorder within the hip. The underlying health of the patient needs to be assessed, and the risks of general anesthesia need to be considered before deciding any procedure of Hip Surgery.

Purpose of Hip Surgery:

hip surgery India low cost benefitsThe most common reason for Hip Surgery and any other procedures is osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis ultimately leads to deterioration of cartilage and bone, resulting in pain and in some cases total loss of mobility. Other forms of arthritis that resist pain management treatments and lead to degeneration of the hip joint may require hip surgery as well. Individuals with hip fractures may also benefit from hip surgery. Those with suppressed immune systems, heart disease and overall poor health may not be candidates for hip surgery and should discuss treatment options and risks with their doctor.

Causes for Hip Surgery:
For people suffering from pain in the hip joint or dysfunction of the hip joint, the Total Hip Replacement Surgery is an efficient option which helps to relieve pain in more than 90% of patients. The surgeons advise hip replacement to the patients suffering from:

Types of Hip Surgery:

There are several different types of Hip surgery that are commonly employed today, ranging from repair to a full hip replacement. Some forms of hip surgery are aimed at repairing fractures somewhere on the hipbone. The following are the major types of Hip Surgery:

Preparing for Hip Surgery:

You've been advised to have Hip Surgery. Before the surgery you want to find out as much as you can about the procedure and what to expect in the post-operation phase of the hip replacement. Your surgeon will be able to prescribe you a lifestyle change, and advice on how to adapt to it. Here are some steps to learn how and what to ask your surgeon before your Hip Surgery:

Common Procedures
for Hip Surgery:
The following are the common procedures which are adopted under
Hip surgery:

Recovery after Hip Surgery:

Recovery from any of the type of Hip Surgery may take several months to a year, depending on the type of surgery involved and the patient's overall health and age. Full recovery from hip Recovery after Hip Surgeryresurfacing is usually shorter than replacement surgery and full mobility is expected within two to three months of the procedure. In the first six weeks following all three surgeries, individuals will have very limited mobility and normal daily activities such as driving should be avoided until their doctor approves increased activity. Physical therapy after hip surgery is shown to speed the recovery process and increase strength and mobility.

Alternatives to Hip Surgery
There are other operations that can be useful in treating hip disease:

Hip Surgery in India:

The Hip Surgery is a success story that has enabled thousand of global patients from all over the world to live fuller and more active lives. The Indian orthopedic surgeons can replace a painful dysfunctional joint with a highly functional, long- lasting prosthesis. Over the past half- century Hip Surgery in India has been very successful rendered with best services with quality of international benchmark.

low cost hip surgery IndiaThe Orthopedic surgeons and doctors in India provide cost effective Hip Surgeries at hospitals (accredited by JCI and other quality assurance groups) which are one of the finest medical centres in the world. The patients receive the scrupulous healthcare and free consultation services and the final surgery performed with no delays.

They are trained and worked in some of the prestigious medical centres in the developed nations. They have a good success rate and are world renowned medical professionals known to cater service both India and abroad. The Hip Surgery in India is available at various hospitals in the following cities with latest amenities and state-of-art-facilities.

And besides, India has world heritage places and exotic beaches, where the patients can rejuvenate while they recover following any orthopedic surgery.

The Cost of Hip Surgery in India:

Significant cost difference is the key in bringing patients all across the world for Hip Surgery in India. India is not only cheaper but offers quality service in terms of treatment and service. Cost is often the deciding factors for international patients coming for any Hip Surgery in India.


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